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Slab Jacking

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Beyond Traditional Mud Jacking

At ProFoam Insulation, we harness the power of advanced concrete lifting foam techniques to provide a superior alternative to traditional mud jacking. Our slab jacking method involves precision polyurethane foam injections, effortlessly lifting concrete to its rightful place. Whether it’s poolside pads, patios, foundations or garage floors, our specialized approach ensures durability and longevity.
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Polyurethane Foam Injection and More

Lifting to New Heights

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Concrete Lifting Services

Why settle for short-term fixes when ProFoam offers a lifetime solution? Our dedication to client satisfaction extends beyond just the technicalities. We pride ourselves on introducing slab jacking to the Ottawa region, ushering in a new era of concrete solutions. Our team’s knowledge, punctuality, and commitment to each task—paired with our modern techniques—place us a step above the rest, ensuring you receive nothing short of the best.

Restore Your Concrete With ProFoam

Want a lifetime solution for your concrete needs? ProFoam Insulation is ready to elevate your expectations. Dive into a world of precise, professional concrete lifting today.